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A real Mystery Volcano Photo …

Well, I've now found myself with a volcano image I can even identify ... but its a stunner.

So I was browsing around for a new MVP and I stumbled across the following image:

It is a stunning image, capturing this stratocone filling in what might be an old caldera. The problem is, well, I have no idea what volcano this is and the page I found it on (some random wallpaper site) had no information on the image whatsoever. I’m guessing it might be somewhere in Alaska or Kamchatka … but not sure at all?

So, now, all you volcano-image experts can use your powers for good. Any idea where this image was taken and what volcano(es) are in it? Ideally, if you can find a corroborating image, that would would be great. Enjoy!

Oh yes, the current MVP standings:

Don Crain – 2

gijs – 2

The Bobs – 2

Boris Behncke – 2

volcanista – 1

Lockwood – 1

Elizabeth – 1

Ralph – 1

Anne – 1

Cam – 1

gg – 1

Damon Hynes – 1


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