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70 Things to Watch For in 2007

A great way to wrap your arms around the zeitgeist: advertising agency JWT has put together a list of the 70 “in” products, services and trends that will help to define 2007:

1. Skype/VoIP
2. Wii and the

next-generation gaming systems
3. The business of social networking

Pop-up stores, restaurants and bars
5. Shrinky

Dink technology (TVs are flat and hidden, iPods are down to half an

ounce, speakers are smaller and less visible, and so on)
6. The rise of

7. Sustainable construction/green buildings
8. Hydrogen

fuel cell technology
9. Veggie-bus: school buses running on biodiesel

10. Trans-fat fallout

An interesting list, although I tend to discount the value of any list that includes Paris Hilton & Britney Spears (#68), Borat (#57) and “brand sluts” (#30). But, hey, that’s just me.

[image: Defining the Zeitgeist]


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