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3 days on approach?

Some things just don’t come at a more ironic time

I read alot of spiritual things, trying to decipher what is coming out of peoples imaginations.  In the end, I discovered that symbolic things are symbolic, catalysts of change.  I believe that through this channeler, the universe speaks to me with symbols.  Observe a quote (Original here:

All of the energy grids, that have been empowered through the work of light-workers, serve to create a mantle of negative ions, crystal light, healing light and now the Ninth Octave is viable. I, Lord Sananda, speak to you now through my messenger. It is the love that you generate through your hearts, the faith that you have, that creates a new potential for Earth at this time. It is the capacity to move beyond the impact of the hologram when the cosmic rays intersect the planet. You are capable now of moving beyond cataclysm. This refers to the possible end of much of the Earth’s ecosystem, a time of complete change in the atmosphere of the planet. This is your understanding of the end of the age of the dinosaurs when the planet lost its ability to be viable and most of the bio-systems were devastated.

The formation of consciousness, through Sananda and the Ascended Masters, is now sufficient enough to activate a mantle of energy from the heart matrix and create a holographic heart. The point of intersection is through England. The first two rays intersect in England. Then if you draw an imaginary line, at an angle through the planet, the intersection points, for the second two rays, can easily be located and when the third ray comes through the core of the planet, through the mantle of the planet. The third ray has the potential of tearing the earth’s mantle. It’s the third ray that can have such an impact. The intersection points can trigger the tectonic plates into massive Earth changes. This is avoidable but we, the Ascended Masters, must work with all humans who can connect to us. There are many off-planet, extra-terrestrial intelligences that will assist you in creating a time gap. Earth must be moved beyond space and time for a short duration. The recent intensities over this past week that have been observed are ionic, affected by the ionic changes as these first two cosmic rays enter Earth’s planes. They have not yet intersected, but are expected to do so on the planet on August 7th.

I read this and I see 8 basic subjects that are designed to cause change:

  • Cataclysm (And beautification of a natural process)
  • Extra terrestrials
  • Beliefs
  • Mathematics
  • Geography
  • Sound
  • Energy
  • Ascension
  • Without going over them one by one, let me explain how this affects human psychology.  When people read this article, the first thing that goes through their mind is “Whoa, is this actually supposed to be real?”.  Depending on what they choose to believe, resistance to believing this article being true increases or decreases.  If the person believes it, that person will absorb this in a different way than the person who does not believe it.

    In believing it, it’s simply taking a path of knowledge that wants to embrace everything in it.  Unless of course, the person in question wants to believe a few parts, and leave the rest to chance.  Then those subjects they have ignored manifest in ways like this.

    For example, this man who “channeled” this obviously wanted to channel, but didn’t before because he didn’t feel it extremely important.  The idea of channeling had grown and grown because he loved channelings, but ignored the subject of actually doing it.  And thus, when he does it, he brings in all the OTHER subjects he loves, thinking that because “This is what I want him/her to say” they will say it.  Unfortunately for him, that’s true.  If there was something being broadcast to him, he would detect it.  But like any other form of spatial radiation, they merely dictate mood, willingness to react to information in a certain way. 

    So if he was thinking “Extraterrestrials” and a few rays just happened to pass by his way that made him suddenly think “Ascended masters from space!”, it’s really putting together the concept of superiority over what he believed in the first place. 

    And that is how I feel his thought process has manifested in this manner. 

    Now, let’s say the person does not believe the article at all.  What do they think? 

    Cataclysm?  “Bah, I never seen it and I’ll tell you I never will!”

    Extra terrestrials? “Bah, I never seen it and I’ll tell you I never will!”

    Beliefs? “Bah, I never had any and I’ll tell you I never will!”

    Mathematics? “Bah, I haven’t seen any yet and I’ll tell you I never will!”

    Geography? “Bah, I don’t know why THAT area and I’ll tell you I never will!”

    Sound? “Bah, I haven’t seen the music theory yet and I’ll tell you I never will!”

    Energy? “Bah, I never seen it and I’ll tell you I never will!”

    Ascension? “Bah, I never seen it and I’ll tell you I never will!”

    This is what I say when I do not believe something, and I generally accept all people agree/disagree like me so I used the best examples I can (Nominally I do not disagree with anything).  What it means for this channeling is that the symbology is lost, and chaos will manifest differently.  The causes are all different, the effects will be different, and the world we live in will generally be unpredictable until all people agree the same way, operate the same way, generally live the same lies and truths in their lives. 

    Anyway, like I said, I wouldn’t take it all in.  But the universe is a peculiar thing to watch unfold.


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