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I read this just now and I have a funny feeling this can back me up on some of what I try to get across. 

In this scenario, we see that DNA re-arrangement (Or “Homologous Re-combination” in the article) can occur outside the body, as well as apparently be dictated from some unknown force.  But DNA must be so light in terms of weight that even small vibrations, like the ones on the spacetime border, could be breaking them apart, or quite possibly the  genes themselves are “short circuiting” on themselves and tearing themselves away, only to find a home in another strand of DNA (How is the question).

But I’m a firm believer in human psychology, so allow me to break it down.  I believe humans have grown into what I’d coin as “a sociological depression” in the sense that because of how we learn to exist in life, from the time of being born to any given day in your life, your DNA is a blueprint, the effect of that cause.  If this phenomenon is actually happening, it proves that it’s the sum of your experiences that dictate how you live.  What is good for you?  What has been judged good so many times it just is good? 

Circumstances like these, now being good things, get translated subconsciously into “good habits”, and the subconscious, I believe anyway, is a product of the interaction between genes in this manner. 

So anyways, they insinuate that the genes themselves are “telepathic”.  And they call christian science a joke?  Fuck off (Pardon the french).

Gene manipulation would only logically be dictated by the information you take in.  Because we have senses, this is possible.  So this is actually an effect of what many call the third eye.  And now we can plainly see that anyone can make a prediction, but it’s in the nature of things that the truth lies.  Information (Energy, whether it be kinetic, electric, magnetic, whatever) catalyzes gene modification, which in turn produces a result.

But it’s funny how sometimes, that path can be observed by discreet clues through nature.  True, good ol’ prophecizin, the good ol’ american sciencey way!


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