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Floating University

Disrupting Education: There Are No Boundaries to Knowledge Anymore

It used to be that if you went to an elite school you didn’t have access to the best minds unless you were physically in their presence. That is not the case anymore, Big Think co-founder and CEO Victoria Montgomery Brown recently told Beet.TV

Since its launch in 2008, Big Think has sought to disrupt this model of education, and has focused in the past year in particular on “building out the products that are helping us get there.”

These products include The Floating University, which launched last fall with an online course offered at Harvard, Yale and Bard that delivers the key takeaways of an entire undergraduate education. This product was translated into another product called Edge, which consists of career and professional development platforms that aim “to make your own life and work better.” 

According to Brown, knowledge is not only nice to have, it is a must-have in today’s global knowledge economy. As workers do less and less work with their hands, they need to distinguish themselves by what they can do with their minds. 

Watch Victoria Montgomery Brown on Beet.TV here:

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