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Will The Recession Kill The Decisive Moment?

If the fine art photography scene is experiencing a rough market, the situation for photojournalists is certainly not far behind. Seems strange at a time when so many ground-breaking stories need shooting.

Though assignments are reckoned to be down 75 percent, we found at least three photojournalists who are still working and, presumably, being paid.

Noor Agency photographer Kadir Van Lohuizen turned his lens to the greatest urban flight of the recession occuring now in China. The country’s powerhouse economy has slowed so dramatically millions of factory workers have returned to the interior peasant lands.

As Wall Street unraveled, Jeff Hutchens got access to the NYSE and captured the mood in finance. Some bowed head here.

But the photojournalism world hasn’t all gone gloom and doom. Photographer Anna Skladmann put her lens to the sons and daughters of Russian oligarchs who are thankfully still prancing about their mother country in imperial comfort.


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