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Why Catman Cohen Chose to Become a Politically Incorrect Musician

No longer merely a shepherd for generational rebellion, the music industry has transmogrified into a champion of societal decadence and just about anything for a buck.

“The entertainment biz and Big Media have institutionalized rebellion, nihilism, vulgarity, sybaritism, and social anomie to the point where it has become mainstream to spit in the face of ‘The System.’ Self-obsession has become the norm while community service is disparaged as the terrain belonging to naive fools, ‘the uncool,’ insufferable Pollyannas, and the unfashionably dull. We have reached a nadir where the true rebels today certainly are not the centi-millionaire celeb idols like Marilyn Manson, Eminem, etc., or their hordes of sheep-like followers, but rather those increasingly rare, beleaguered, nine to fivers who toil in the trenches, struggling to keep the machine running and prevent the lights from going out.”


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