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What’s the World’s Best Film Festival?

Competition among international film festivals is heating up, with Sundance lending its name to a new festival in London. What festivals cater to your kinds of films (and celebrities)? 

What’s the Latest Development?

From indie Sundance to chic Cannes, the world’s best film festivals are continually on the move, looking for iterations of art and culture that diverge from the norm while expressing identifiable truths. Long the heart and soul of American indie aspirations, Sundance will open shop in London this year, similar to how New York’s Tribeca film festival has lent its name to the Doha, Qatar, since 2009. The Guardian gives a whirlwind assessment of which festivals are on the rise, which cater to the films you like best, and which nurse contenders for the year’s biggest prizes.

What’s the Big Idea?

Because it takes place in January, Sundance gets an early start on the year’s freshest films, though that means its picks must sustain 13 months of buzz to win an Oscar. The Berlin festival strips down the celebrity, says the Guardian, offering the best of art house cinema without the distractions. “Not long ago, Venice vied with Cannes to be Europe’s most glamorous, buzzy film event, but a quirk in the calendar has seen its status erode. Toronto, with its audience of Hollywood power-players, tends to get the big autumn premieres and awards contenders.”

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