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Unsigned Bands: Can they make the cut?

Unsigned local bands and their taste in music.

Unsigned bands are practically as good as the big names. All they are honestly waiting for is their defining moment when that “break” comes in good for them. One of the loudest names in the net, ads,etc concerning unsigned bands would have to be “CRIMSON DEBACLE”. They are originally from Abu Dhabi, UAE according to reliable sources of their gigs schedules. They are a teenage metal/alternative band composed of Pia “Jaf” Fajelagutan, Jeffrey Edward Cullen, Pete Barker and Matthew Levesque who started off by spring of 2004. They have won several Battles of the bands here in Dubai, UAE and they seem to leave their audience craving for more Crimson Debacle. They are just one of the few deserving bands who haven’t earned their greatest break yet. Question is will they ever do? These small names roam the heads of mad American metal fans of their generation.


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