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Today, Women Make Better Leaders

It may be easier for men to to demonstrate authority associated with traditional leadership, but today’s world calls for collaboration and cooperation, skills which suit women better. 

What’s the Latest Development?

Recent scientific studies suggest broad behavioral differences between men and women which may affect their respective leadership styles. The University of Southern California has found that men and women’s brains function differently under stress: “According to the research, stress seemed to increase the capacity for empathy in women while reducing it in males.” A Harvard study analyzed gender and body language: “…women…had superior scores in accurately judging messages communicated by facial expressions, body movement and voice quality.”

What’s the Big Idea?

The qualities associated with good leadership are changing. New business realities and modern communication technologies require more collaboration than ever before: “New workers are demanding [collaboration], advances in technology are enabling it, and the borderless organization of the future is dictating that future productivity gains can only be achieved by creating teams that are networked to span corporate and national boundaries.” Any leader can accomplish a cooperative leadership style but women are naturally better at it.


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