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Stunning Light Sculptors by a Robotic Arm

Meet Luxo, a little robot that creates “sculptors” of bright colored lights by flinging around its arm. It is the Jackson Pollock of robots, but instead of using the gloss enamel favored by Pollock it uses a true color LED that flashes and changes colors.

Luxo is the invention of Hyunwoo Bang and Yunsil Heo of Everyware, a South Korean design studio. Being made of natural materials, like rosewood, allows Luxo to have more fluid movements. “Unlike steel structures, wooden frames and joints are a little bit loose and even change their forms by room temperature and humidity,” one of the designers (unattributed) is quoted as saying in Wired. “They’re like living creatures.”

Watch Luxo in action in this video:

Image credit: Everyware


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