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Rocket Legs

Sky rocketing onto our screens, Japan’s Astro Boy cartoon is a classic tale with spectacular effects!

Japanese iconic cartoon Astro Boy is coming to America. As explains, Astro Boy has issues: “Like a lot of kids bordering on adolescence, he feels different. A bit alien, perhaps. His father doesn’t understand him. He wants to be accepted. He wants to be normal. And he has rockets shooting out his legs.” Based on the successful anime and manga series, a film version of Astro Boy (in 3D no less!) will hit America’s big screens this coming Friday. It has been billed as a return to the classic ‘little boy lost’ stories of Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Oliver Twist but with the wow factor of “one super-powered android”. “If anyone still thinks animation is only for children, this first Astro Boy film will happily disabuse them.”


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