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Hollywood is unknowingly helping undiscovered artist

The most popular musicians of the today have provided a certain service that I think that the American consumer is starting to get fed up with. What I am talking about is the glamorization of today’s music industry. They might not be blessed with a ton of talent but they make up for that, in physical looks and tabloid stories. This used to not be the case before the age of mass media. Artist did not need the looks and their personnel stories. That was not at the forefront of their music. I think that American culture is starting to get a little tired of this and is starting to look for the raw talent that used to be the core of the music industry. With the ease of computers today it is easier to discover new and not Hollywood tainted artist. This give arise to the idea that maybe the public’s appeal to artist that’s music might be much more real then are current music scene.  This raises the question is the public becoming more sophisticated and looking for new ideas that they haven’t really been provided before. Is the American public moving from a place where they do not need to be comforted by celebrity icons? I don’t think were there yet, it will be a long time till those ridiculous tabloid magazines are off the shelves. However the public might be waking up from this Hollywood spell and looking for something more from the media, that the mainstream media has not given the public ever before. Real people and real ideas without the fluff.  


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