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Letterman Writer Gives Full Frontal Nudity the OK

Comedy man Bill Scheft came by the studio yesterday to talk about writing, stand-up, Jewish humor and the role of comedy in today’s pop culture.

Describing comedy writing as making “mounds and mounds of coleslaw to get a good serving,” Scheft unpacked his long relationship with the David Letterman and the constantly evolving nature of what makes us laugh.

On commercial comedy’s recent penchant for the outrageous–for example, full frontal male nudity in The Hangover— Scheft said “I applaud any earnest effort to push things forward.”

Whether such outrageousness will have staying power, Scheft took the long view saying “every generation thinks of itself as the generation that revolutionized sex and art.”

Scheft has been a staff writer at The David Letterman Show since 1991 during which time he has been tapped for 15 Emmy Awards. Stay tuned for the full interview with Scheft to be released shortly.


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