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It’s Here!

an Iron Chef style creative contest in which you’ll have 72 hours to write a short piece of science fiction inspired by our surprise “big idea." The best entries will be published on Big Think’s homepage, visited by 1.5 million viewers a month.  

Winning Entries to be Selected by Nathan Englander

PEN/Malamud Award-winning author of For the Relief of Unbearable Urges

UPDATE, 2/21/12 
Many, many thanks to all who contributed, and our sincere apologies for any confusion about the deadline. The original announcement post for this contest specified a deadline of 12:01 am Monday, 2/20 Eastern Standard Time, but the EST part was accidentally edited out when the “secret big idea” was posted, resulting in a bit of a mess (see comment thread below). 
There’s no perfect solution this time round, as we can’t extend the submission deadline indefinitely, or investigate each person who claims to have written a story before the deadline and been unable to submit it.
But we will accept all stories that were submitted through Storiad before 12:01 am Monday in the writer’s own time zone. Yes, we realize that this extends the 72 hour contest length somewhat for some people. And yes, we realize that this favors people who submitted in spite of there being no “submit to big think contest” checkbox and penalizes those who withheld their submissions because the box was missing. 
To the latter, we apologize heartily and promise to be clearer next time. 
Good luck to all who submitted, and thank you for your enthusiasm for (and patience with) our first literary contest ever. On a brighter note, with close to 200 submissions, the contest was a resounding success. We look forward to publishing the top three entries on 3/9. 


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