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Ireland Cuts Funding for Special Needs

The Irish government today confirmed that it will be cutting special teacher support for children with mild learning disabilities in 119 schools nationwide. This announcement comes on the same day that the government will give €8bn to re-capitalize the banks, according to The Irish Times. Smart thinking!

Over 500 children will feel the effects of the move when it is introduced at the beginning of the next school year as they are moved into regular classes to be educated by regular teachers.

General secretary of the Irish National Teachers Organisation, John Carr admitted to being “shocked” by the “indefensible” action. “On a day when €8 billion is being provided to bail out banks the Department of Education is axing €7 million in funding to special needs children,” he roared.

Fine Gael, Labour, and the Sinn Fein parties have all reacted angrily to the move. “Ending vital services for these children is inexplicable, but denying them the opportunity to flourish in school is unforgivable,” said the Labour equality spokeswoman, Kathleen Lynch, adding that their classmates would suffer and a further burden, as well as the overstretched mainstream teachers.” This is just one of many cutbacks which the government have been putting in place lately. But hey, the €8 billion has to come from somewhere.


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