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Behind the Steve Jobs Biography

For all that has been said in and about the Steve Jobs book, there's plenty yet to say, for instance on whether the Apple founder's accomplishments outshone his shortcomings.

What’s the Latest Development?

For all that has been written about Walter Isaacson’s book, Steve Jobs, and for all the people who have read it, there’s plenty left to say, writes Adam Lashinsky, who is author of the upcoming, Inside Apple. Lashinsky says that in a recent interview, Isaacson shared new information on his best-selling biography of the Apple founder, for instance why he made an apparently conscious decision not to judge Jobs’ behavior.

What’s the Big Idea?

Isaacson did more than any other writer to document how Jobs treated other people, but clearly states that Jobs’ accomplishments outshone his shortcomings, says Lashinsky. “I predict this debate will pick up in intensity, especially as Jobs’s behavior comes to be equated with Apple’s (AAPL) behavior, and the business community dissects the company’s way of doing business as opposed to the man’s.”


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