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author of life

An idea of God being an author, creator of ideas, which fuel the story, whether creating the scenarios, and the obstacles and even introducing the characters.

I believe god is like the author of a book, his works are the stories of us in life, he introduces each of us into a seperate scenario, gives us different attributes and fuels the plot with exciting complications, He himself is an idea and is an inspiration of ideas, everything in existence is concieved first through an idea, god was the initial inspiration, and the first idea, from this came all other things, and he influences them from their birth to their eventual end.just like a writer does with a book.  he himself is not a character, and cannot be seen by his characters, just as the words in any printed book will probably never see their author, although occasionally a glimpse is possible.  from time to time, people look at the stories written about others by god, but unlike the reader of a real book, these readers can effect the characters, and like a reader they can help turn the page.  all the stories of life are read at different times, and when the book has finished being read, it is finished and we are left, we may appear again as the main character in another of these books, or maybe there is only one, who knows.


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