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Art of Innovation?

Online Forums at the Guggenheim billed as ‘innovative’ may be a bad idea in retrospect.

“Hey, want to chat? Online? About art, specifically Kandinsky? The invitation comes not from me [a blogger for the Arts Journal], but from the Guggenheim Museum. Nowadays, it’s holding online discussion and chat sessions called Forum, which it billed as ‘innovative’ in a recent Guggenheim Magazine. The point, it says, is ‘to discuss and debate topics related to major museum exhibitions.’ It seems a bit retro to me, but I’m withholding judgment. According to the Guggenheim’s website, the first Forum was last summer. It was titled ‘Between the Over- and Underdesigned.’ I read the posts and the chat and felt — under-enlightened. It was bland, deadly bland,” she says. But there’s another chance to get involved with the Guggenheim’s Forum this week for those wishing to talk about “Spiritual (Re)Turn” (parenthesis theirs) in relation to the museum’s Kandinsky retrospective. Hmm interesting…


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