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Art in Retrospect of Sanity

Understanding Me

Most are here for religious purposes that I have seen so far.

I ended up here when I linked to this site under my grandmothers maden name.

I have written story’s under her name since 16.

I decided to find one of her publications and a poster here had the same name.  She was a avid Methodist Woman.  Attended church taught us the rights and wrongs of humanity’s welfare and graced us with the right idea.  It was her who gives me the will to know who I am. I posted a few ideas here that were erased within 72 hrs of me posting them.

A Painter, confused and character-raised, judged, and tormented by the world around me.  Frustrated about knowing what went wrong but also knowing why and having no power to change a thing to better the situation without the help of the other hand in it all.


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