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With the drop of a hat an authoritarian regime can redefine the word: “terrorist“

I think we should all take a moment to consider the news that everyone who continues to protest in Istanbul’s Taksim square is to be considered a terrorist. Let’s just consider what might happen if something similar ever happened in your home country. Now consider the implications of this in a world in which every single communication you make, along with the “metadata” – the locations of the devices in your pockets at any given time and your address books are recorded and analysed by the government or third parties.

Some related reading:

Prism (Wikipedia) – a crosschecked version of the many conflicting reports of the prism project.

Health warning: Pepper spray and stimulants can be a lethal combination. The same pepper spray that is now being dropped in diabolical quantities on protestors who have been protesting for twenty days. Here’s a link to the relevant paper.

A chilling report on how our behaviour is already being analysed without our knowledge resulting in a tonne of false positives.

Blog post on why you might soon have to enter the land of the digital refugees

A rundown of your rights (primarily for UK folks) but also including important information for everyone, including the right to upload your recordings as you make them to secure servers, preventing the illegitimate seizure of evidence.

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