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Will Jack Hidary Be New York’s Next Visionary (and First Hipster) Mayor?

Jack Hidary hopes to model himself after Michael Bloomberg as a pragmatic, nonpartisan politician.

Hoping to model himself after Michael Bloomberg as a pragmatic, nonpartisan politician, Internet entrepreneur and Big Think expert Jack Hidary has thrown his hat in the ring as the latest candidate to be Mayor of New York City.

Hidary, who will be running as an independent candidate on the Jobs and Education Party line, is a successful entrepreneur like Bloomberg. Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey has also expressed his desire to one day follow in Bloomberg’s steps. 

So what specific credentials would Hidary bring to City Hall?

“Part of the job of mayor is to run the city officially,” Hidary told Bloomberg(news service), “but part of the job is also to be the chief attracter of capital, and I alone among the current candidates can do that.”

Hidary would also be the first hipster mayor, as The Daily News reports: 

Even the refreshments at the kickoff walked the line between haute and homestyle: Chocolate-dipped jalapenos and mini fruit salads served in halved lemon rinds shared buffet-table space with rolled slices of lox.

Hidary also hopes to bring is problem-solving skills to the job. In the video below, Hidary describes the process he calls visioneering, or increasing “the serendipity quotient of everyone in the room.”

Watch here:


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