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The Solution to Global Poverty is You

What’s the Big Idea?

The solution to global poverty, according to Jeffrey SachsDirector of The Earth Institute and professor at Columbia University, is a mix of government and the private and voluntary sectors. It also requires the energy and commitment of young people. 

“If you are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel abroad or take a summer internship, Sachs suggests students should “go to a poor country. Go to a village, learn about life as it’s lived by billions of people on the planet. See the challenges. See the solutions.”

Watch the video here:

What’s the Significance?

According to Sachs, all too often we hear of solutions from pundits and others who have not experienced poverty first-hand. Not only will direct experience change your life, according to Sachs, “you’ll understand things more clearly. You’ll remain committed for life to helping to improve the situation in the world especially for the poorest of the poor.” And he has no doubt that you will ultimately make a difference. 

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