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The Future of IT Will Be Determined By New Challenges

Information Technology is at the forefront of a large shift that will result in procedural and philosophical changes. Employers can make decisions now that will help shape IT for the future.

What’s the Latest?

If you work for a medium or large business, chances are you’ve got an IT department. If you have an IT department, chances are your relationship with said department is less than ideal. Information Technology is at the forefront of a huge culture shift that will lead to big changes in procedure and philosophy. According to Beta News, these new challenges can be made all the more approachable with the help of smart, forward-minded employer strategies. It’s all part of what Sabelline Chicot, who authored the above-linked article, calls a much-need “PR makeover” for IT.

What’s the Big Idea?

Chicot offers several recommendations for redefining IT’s priorities for the future. One recommendation is a focus on staffing the most qualified young IT specialists and maintaining a workplace in which they will feel compelled to stick around despite an industry-wide proclivity toward switching jobs. Another strategy is encouraging your IT department to less rigidly enforce outdated tech policies and adapt to the new reality of employees bringing their own (potentially hazardous) devices into the workplace. Finally, the future of IT involves a greater focus on leveraging data and integrating mobile technologies, which means IT departments should expect to be tasked with more creative duties in pursuit of valuable marketing resources and the creation of convenient applications for employees. 

That’s all rather dense so, in the interest of providing a simple summary, we can simply say that the new breed of IT professionals will be expected to shed the image of stand-offish nerd and embrace a more integrated role in the company. 

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