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SSA 2012 Conference Schedule Posted!

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be speaking at the Secular Student Alliance’s 2012 national convention in Columbus, Ohio over the July 4 holiday weekend. The conference schedule has now been posted, and I’m one of the Saturday night keynote speakers!

For the occasion, I’m debuting a brand-new talk. It’s titled How to Move Mountains, and it’s about how we can make the atheist movement politically successful by learning from the victories of past progressive activists. Here’s a teaser:

The religious lobby opposing atheism is powerful, solidly entrenched, and claims the allegiance of a majority of the population. But in the past, when religion was even more powerful and more influential, freethinkers stood up to it and won. This talk will describe some of these past victories, point out what they tell us about the importance of speaking out as atheists today, and suggest how we can tailor our message to have the greatest possible impact.

Obviously, you don’t want to pass up this opportunity for me to rock your world. If you’re not already planning to attend, it’s not too late to register (you don’t have to be a student). Hope to see you there!


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