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My Deeply Selfish, Idiosyncratic Relationship with Ideas

“Do I want to spend time with this idea or this person? 

It’s always hard to interrogate your own intellectual processes.  I don’t have a formal method. The criteria I always use is “Do I want to spend time with this idea or this person?  Is there more there?  Is it something that I don’t know much about?  Does it connect up with other things I know?”

All my investigative criteria are personal.  It’s just all about what I think would be fun to do. There is no kind of evaluation of the broader commercial potential for the idea. I don’t really care whether anyone else is interested in it.  The reason I went into this business is I didn’t want to have to be beholden to some outside judge or critic or market. So its a deeply selfish idiosyncratic process, I suppose. 

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