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Moisture Farming Straight Out Of Star Wars Could Be Here On Earth

Will moisture farming be the next big cash crop of the 21st century? 
Condensation, condescending.

One of the plot points of Star Wars was Luke Skywalker’s cozy life on a moisture farm on Tatooine. It looks like that kind of line of work, or at least something very similar, will be an industry here on Earth pretty soon. 

Scientists have developed a metal-organic framework capable of harvesting moisture at low humidity levels, taking the available moisture in the air and capturing it. According to Scientific American

It has been reported that one kilogram of this material can harvest 2.8 litres of water a day at relative humidity levels as low as 20% without any other external power source. This makes it a particualrly promising technology for harvesting water in arid or desert regions of the world.

The idea is a turn on an old idea, though. Farmers in Lima, Peru are already doing something similar by using giant nets to catch fog. With some areas of the country reaching 98% humidity, a single net can harvest between 50-150 liters of water a day.

In an era where climate change is affecting millions, perhaps moisture farming can make deserts and inland areas more habitable in the summer months. Not too shabby for an idea straight out of science fiction. Now we’re just waiting for the light sabers. 


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