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Mastery is a Skill You Can Master – LIVE with Robert Greene

Find out how as we chat LIVE with Robert Greene at 1:30 PM Eastern on 8/7/2013

The word “mastery” conjures up images of violin virtuosi like Joshua Bell, but Robert Greene, author of Mastery and teacher of the Big Think Mentor workshop “How to Achieve Mastery” convincingly demonstrates that mastery is a process that humans have been refining for centuries. By breaking down the steps involved in achieving mastery in your life’s work, whatever that may be, Greene demystifies the process and shows that it is as relevant and achievable today as it was in the time of Mozart. 

Robert Greene, Big Think editor Jason Gots, and members of our Big Think Mentor community met on 8/7 in a Google Hangout On-Air to discuss proven strategies for identifying and mastering your life’s work. 

Big Think Mentor is Big Think’s lifelong learning channel for personal and professional growth. Mentor connects world-class teacher/practicioners like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Maria Konnikova, Sir Ken Robinson, Andrew Weill, MD, and Tim Ferriss with a global community of smart, driven users to teach the habits of mind and people skills we all need to live happier, healthier, more productive lives. 


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