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How to Get Into Harvard, According to Jeremy Lin

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, actively dislike basketball, or subscribe to Time Warner Cable in New York City, you have probably heard that a phenomenon called Linsanity has swept the U.S. and indeed the world (in China, for instance, they’re having a tough time meeting the demand for pirated Knicks jerseys). 

It’s a great story. A Taiwanese American point guard named Jeremy Lin has come out of nowhere to lead the New York Knicks on an improbable run, saving the team’s season. Lin’s personal story is just as compelling. After all, up until very recently he was sleeping on a friend’s couch. Now he’s moved into a Trump Tower, which is admittedly tacky, but talk about rags to riches! And one other thing: Lin went to Harvard, which isn’t exactly known for graduating NBA players. 

Lin has also adapted amazingly well to his newfound stardom, and appears to be very media savvy. In fact, Lin used to blog on Xanga and while he was a student at Harvard had his own Youtube channel. One of the videos that caught our attention was this video below that offers humorous advice for getting into Harvard. Here are Lin’s tips:

1. Wear glasses (3D glasses are a bonus)

2. Play a musical instrument (preferably a really obscure one that no one else plays)

3. Hone test-taking skills (Video games like Fruit Ninja improve hand-eye coordination)

4. Multitask (Practice dribbling while studying; study while you practice)

5. Keep up with the news (the least funny part of the video)

Lin, who has gained the monicker “Taiwanese Tebow” for his public displays of devotion, also offers a bonus tip at the end of the video, quoting from the Book of Proverbs: “Trust in the Lord…He will make straight your path.”

Watch the video here:

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