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Evolutionary Enlightenment: Spiritual Teacher Andrew Cohen Live, Friday 4/13 at 4pm Eastern

Spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen will be joining us on Big Think Live this Friday at 4pm Eastern time. His philosophy and spiritual method, evolutionary enlightenment, is an approach to achieving collective – rather than personal and narcissistic – spiritual evolution in order to positively transform the world. 

Read Andrew Cohen’s recent Big Think series on Love: 

  • ‘I Trust You’: More Difficult and More Powerful than ‘I Love You.’
  • Piercing the Romantic Illusion
  • What is Love? 
  • God is Love
  • Cohen’s new Big Think blog, the Evolution of Enlightenment, launches this Friday, too. It will explore “the evolving edge of progressive spirituality, and how the answers to our deepest questions about meaning, purpose, and where we’re headed are changing with the times we’re living in. Building upon Cohen’s recent Big Think series on love, the blog will examine “the deeper dimensions underlying the biggest issues of the day, from love and relationships to politics and the environment to the latest trends in philosophical thought, providing a fresh, insightful, and enlightening perspective on the human experience in the 21st century.”

    Please share your questions about Evolutionary Enlightenment, spiritual practice, and human purpose. We’ll choose several to ask Andrew in Friday’s interview. 

    In a recent talk, Andrew Cohen answers the question “What is the Purpose of Life?”


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