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Creative Advertising Board Aims to Help Kids Victims of Abuse

ANAR Foundation is a Mexican foundation that operates an anonymous and confidential phone line for kids and teenagers under a risk situation. In its attempt to reach more children, the foundation posed the question if it’s possible to get their message across even if the kids were accompanied by their aggressors. Their answer was to devise an advertising board which can display a message exclusively meant for kids and not visible to adults. 

The board utilizes lenticular displays, which produce the ability to show different images depending on the viewing angle. The effect is achieved by printing the images on different sides of a ridged surface. The upper view, that of an adult averaging 1.75 m., reveals a portrait of a child with the message: “Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.” The lower view, meant for kids under 10, with an average height of 1.35 m., reveals the same portrait with added injuries, and a message that reads: “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you”, followed by the helpline number. 

Since child abuse is often carried out by adults who know the victim, the foundation believes that the advertising helps to provide vital information to children without the knowledge of their abuser – “A message only for children, and a warning for adults.”


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