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Desire Success? Start Asking Dumb Questions

Investor, advisor and author Tim Ferriss says that often times the smartest questions are the “dumbest” — the ones that no one asks because they are afraid of being shamed. In a world where everyone is afraid of looking stupid, a lot of basic improvements and ideas get missed for fear of embarrassment. Through several anecdotes amassed during the writing of his new book Tools of Titans, Ferriss makes a case for being more intellectually secure in yourself so that you can raise your hand without fear, ask a dumb question, and actually become smarter, wealthier and more successful. 

Big Think+ is here to help you think outside of the box and ask the questions that most people are afraid to ask. We help organizations get smarter, faster, by catalyzing conversation around the topics that are most critical to 21st century business success. Our videos feature the world’s foremost experts in dynamic learning programs that are short-form, mobile, and immediately actionable. Request a demo to get started today.

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