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Starts With A Bang

Time to order your autographed copies of Treknology!

Okay, so everyone who wanted to order an autographed copy (or N autographed copies) of my new book, Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive, here’s the deal:

I will hand-autograph and send you a copy at as low a cost as possible! The cover price of this book is $30 USD, and for USA shipping & handling, I can sign-and-ship any number of copies for exactly that amount. I will cover S&H.

For shipping internationally, unfortunately, the costs go way up.

-To Canada, shipping means the price is $50 per book.
-To anywhere else in the world, shipping means the price is $60 per book.

If you want 4 or more copies, things can get slightly less expensive for international shipping; I can get costs down to about $45 per book if you order 4 or more copies.

So to make this happen, simply go to PayPal, and send the appropriate dollar amount (use “Send money to friends/family”) to, and include:

-Number of copies,
-Name(s) for the autograph(s) to be made out to,
-Shipping address,

and that’s it! I’ll try to get them out as soon as possible, and you’re all welcome to order as many (or few) as you like. To everyone who wanted one on the last post when I said this was coming, these are your instructions!



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