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Starts With A Bang Podcast #46: Experimental Particle Searches

Hunting for dark matter, neutrinos, and other elusive signals isn’t just a satisfying endeavor, it’s a way of life for Dr. Laura Manenti.

We know that there’s more to the Universe than we presently know. As successful as the Standard Model may be, it cannot describe everything we observe to be true about the Universe. Neutrinos oscillate from one flavor into another, and must have a non-zero mass, but we don’t understand why or how. Dark matter has an overwhelming suite of astrophysical evidence that points towards its existence, but we have no direct evidence for the type of particle it might be.

What do we do about these puzzles? We perform the best experiments we can to try and probe, identify, and constrain the novel physics that might be responsible for these unexplained phenomena.

This month, I’m so pleased to chat with Doctor Laura Manenti, postdoctoral research associate at NYU Abu Dhabi and a researcher on the XENON1T and the Proto-DUNE experiments. Take a dive into the world of experimental particle physics on the latest Starts With A Bang podcast!

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