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Starts With A Bang

Come travel to Chile with me for the ultimate Astronomy/tourism experience!

Have you ever wanted to:

  • see the southern skies?
  • visit the best resort on the South American continent?
  • explore the Atacama desert?
  • see the world’s most powerful radio telescope array?
  • see the instrument that will deliver the first image of a black hole’s event horizon?
  • visit one of the world’s largest, 8-meter-class optical telescopes?
  • and do it all with me as your guide?

Next November, I’ll be leading an Astronomy tour down to Chile to do exactly this! If you ever wanted the ultimate fun trip during a Thanksgiving, you won’t find a better one ever.

Get the full set of information here, and then follow the link to sign up. Space is available but seats are limited, and I want to see you there!


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