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Gutenberg, the Original Tech Geek: Jeff Jarvis LIVE on Big Think

In the video below, tech entrepreneur and author Jeff Jarvis discusses his recent Kindle Single Gutenberg the Geek, and what Gutenberg has to teach us about entrepreneurism today. 

We asked Jarvis if the inventor of mechanical moving type printing would be rolling in his grave since Jarvis’s book is, after all, a digital book. According to Jarvis, Johannes Gutenberg, the patron saint of entrepreneurs, would not only approve, but find himself right at home in Silicon Valley today. 

And yet, unlike many so-called “innovations” today, Gutenberg perfected a technology that profoundly changed the course of human history. What can today’s entrepreneurs learn from Gutenberg, and how can we possibly attempt to predict the future of technology? Does the past hold the key?

Watch the video here:

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