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Is de facto racial segregation in public schools a problem? A strong and vocal majority of readers responding to my Economist post on the dearth of blacks and Hispanics at […]
Greg Farr makes me laugh ‘til my sides hurt. That’s probably the best endorsement I can give this Texas principal blogger. Greg also blogs for LeaderTalk (and I encourage you […]
To any readers for whom this has not yet aired: Greg is on Newshour and on The Charlie Rose show this evening, talking, I believe, about recipes. Or Yemen. He […]
A fairly but not fully comprehensive list of articles I have written.Don’t Assassinate the Dangerous Cleric al-Awlaki, Newsweek (April 13, 2010)Yemen’s Come Power Struggle, The National (March 18, 2010)AQAP in […]
In today’s issue of today’s papers Greg asks why the government isn’t linking the bombings to al–Wahayshi or al–Raymi. My feeling is that the bombing, while troubling and scary, is […]
It seems America cannot escape its racial past: "'Resegregation is a national trend [that has been building] for over a decade,' says John C. Brittain, a law professor at the University of the District of Columbia."