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The Dr. Data Show is a new web series that breaks the mold for data science infotainment, captivating the planet with short webisodes that cover the very best of machine learning and predictive analytics.
Some links for your post-Thanksgiving political edification: At the Atlantic, Philip Mackowiac tells us that “Abraham Lincoln often spoke and dreamed about being assassinated” and asks whether Lincoln would have […]
Among the many things about America that the American Civil War changed was its art. Painting and sculpture simply couldn’t be the same. In these sesquicentennial years, every aspect of […]
I love Rockwell’s rendering of the Thanksgiving feast. Three generations circle the food—a nuclear family more rarely seen today in person, but still existing in our hearts and minds in modern permutations.
Every election year, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) elects to their “Dirty Dozen” list twelve members of Congress who “consistently vote against the environment and are up for re-election […]