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With the death of Markeis McGlockton, the debate over stand your ground laws has reignited. Proponents believe they make us safe, while opponents claim they encourage vigilantism. While a consensus may be inconclusive, studies suggest such laws aren’t as effective as their drafters intended.
“How do you do that?” young Charlie Parker would ask older musicians. “Would you please do that again?” Those who know jazz, or who only know of jazz greats such […]
Salvador Dalí never worked small. In fact, he was downright operatic in everything he did—colorful, bombastic, and loud. Now, Dalí the painter is finally Dalí the Opera. Yo, Dalí (“I, […]
American politicians and lawmakers are deeply conflicted about human enhancement technologies (medical interventions that extend the capabilities of the human body). Stem cell research doesn’t qualify as enhancement; rather it is […]