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“Danger: Art Inside,” read the labels on the crated sculptures as I toured last month the almost-ready-for-public-viewing, but now restored, reinstalled, and reinterpreted Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The signs […]
“Mad, bad and dangerous”, these are the epithets apparently attached to Gordon Brown, our previous Prime Minister by Tony Blair our previous Prime Minister but one. They form the centre […]
The man tried to murder Pope John Paul II and later claimed to be Jesus has emerged from prison demanding $7m for tell-all film and book deals which he wants Dan Brown to write.
The prequel to Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" will be released this coming May on film. "Angels and Demons" is Brown's second book that has been brought to life through film.
Guest post by Kevin Flora(Cross post from Think as if there isn’t a box, not just “outside the box”.  Embrace change and accept your responsibility as a professional within […]